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Terms and Conditions

These aircraft manuals are sold on an “as is” basis as collector’s items only. They are not to be used for the operation of any aircraft. The information is for reference only and we do not guarantee the completeness, accuracy or currency of any aircraft manuals. In fact we prefer earlier editions of aircraft manuals as they often were more concise, had more color and more frequently use cartoons to illustrate a point.

All military aircraft manuals have been de-classified and are in the public domain. For proprietary reasons we generally only provide civil aircraft manuals on obsolete aircraft.

We are always looking to add new ebook aircraft manuals to our collection. Therefore we are always willing to “trade-in” your original aircraft manuals against an order for our ebook aircraft manuals. Please contact us with details of your original aircraft manuals and we will give you a trade-in quote.

Not all aircraft manuals have been scanned at this point. Those which are available have a photo of the aircraft and a link to the page describing the aircraft manuals. Check back regularly for new additions.

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